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To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit card during business hours, please call customer support.

Customer Support

Central Kentucky:

859-236-4181 Main Office
859-236-4277 Ridgefield
859-792-3368 Lancaster


502-223-1638 Main Office
502-695-3400 East Frankfort
502-223-3472 West Frankfort

To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit card after business hours:

Call 1-800-528-2273

Voice Banking   

24 hour Tele-banking

1-800-436-5142 or




Frequent Asked Questions

What are some of the features that your internet banking product offers?
Our product development team has worked diligently to implement a progressive product that offers many advanced features while providing a level of security that surpasses many of our peers. Our Internet Banking offers features such as Real Time Data, Multi-factor Authentication Login Security, Secure Messaging, Account & Event Alerts, E-statements and more.

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Why am I getting denied when trying to use my debit card?
There are numerous reasons why your card may be denied. 1.) Have you went over the daily limit? 2.) Do you have available funds to cover the transaction? 3.)Is the merchant having problems with their equipment or are they entering the information correctly?
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I signed up for your internet banking product, but am not presented the questions I provided answers to, what's the problem?
If you have signed up for our Internet Banking product and are not being presented the security questions you selected, it is most likely that the bank has not yet approved your access request. Please allow two business days for processing your access request. Approvals are processed Monday through Friday during business hours. If you are a regular user and are not receiving your selected questions, it could mean your account is locked out due to an invalid password or username. Please contact us if you continue to experience login difficulties the second business day after you requested approval.
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I have additional questions that may be of interest to others. May I submit questions for your F.A.Q. section on your website?
You may submit questions 24/7 by using the Secure Messaging feature of our new Internet Banking. We review customer submissions and respond daily during business hours. We will be updating the FAQ section of our website with applicable selections. Customers and other visitors to our website may also call any of the Customer Support numbers displayed throughout the website with inquiries during business hours.
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Where are you offices located?
We have branch offices that offer 24 hour ATM services in Danville, Frankfort, and Lancaster, Kentucky. Please review the About Us section of the website for more detailed information regarding specific locations and business hours.
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What are E-statements?
E-statements are an exact digital replica of a paper statement. For security purposes, Central Kentucky Federal chose to have our customers retrieve "pull" their e-statements from within our secure internet banking site, rather than receive their e-statements via e-mail. Once an e-statement is viewed, customers may save or print their e-statement from their own computer and printer.
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